Xhale [Mota]Vation Women's Professional Athletics

The Team of Her Dreams

Xhale [Mota]-Vation Women’s Professional Athletics Agency (XMA), a brainchild of Rosemary Stribling Brown, Nhale, Xhale Enterprises CEO and Kristacamae (Kim) Dizon, [Mota]-Vation Wear CEO. XMA is an organization founded for women athletes of all sports who wish to pursue a professional career at the conclusion of their collegiate eligibility. 

XMA promotes our clientele generating partnerships with incredible brands and prominent sports teams, leagues, and business professionals throughout the world. Operating with a team of specialized professionals driven by their dedication and passion for sport, come equipped with a wealth of knowledge across the sports industry and a shared goal of client success. We maximize this through a cross-functional partnership team approach to integrate all verticals across our business to provide efficient and innovative results. We leverage a diverse array of relationships across sports, entertainment, and esports landscapes to consistently drive value for brands seeking impactful partnership opportunities.


Through this work, we plan to lead sales processes for world-class partnership assets (jersey sponsorships, merchandising, event entitlements, etc.) for global sports properties. 

We present to you Xhale [Mota]-Vation Athletics!